Group Disconnection

International Chef | Spiritual Element Connection | Group Yoga | Thai massage class | Pranayama | Kirtan | Meditation | Therapeutic music
This experience will allow you to connect deeply with our loved ones, it is an opportunity to refresh our vibes and understand the importance of maintaining a physical and emotional balance for our daily life. While at the same time you relax in the beauty of your property and delight yourself with food cooked by an international chef who will provide the best attention and service.
*All specific descriptions will be sent you once the quote is requested
If you wish, you can improve your experience, adding:
* Picnic
* Pre-Stocking (For your experiences activities)
* Personal Photographer
…. allowing you to live your experience to the fullest.
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+8 hours
I am…
... someone who get to know your group further
... someone who needs to disconnect from the world
... the one who see beyond the conventional
* All specific restrictions and policies will be sent you once the quote is requested
If you felt identified, live the experience ... contact us!