International Feast (+18)

International Chef | Private Transport | Driver | Master Chef Experience
An unforgettable experience, it is served with perfectly balanced moments, where you will learn more about the culture and at the same time you will taste food at its maximum expression, after that, you will continue meeting people from different parts of the world and you will share a culinary experience at the hands of a renowned chef who will make your night unforgettable, and last but not least, the dessert in where you will discover the wonders of a good evening in the company of the right people and the perfect atmosphere.
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If you wish, you can improve your experience, adding:
* Private event inside home
* Limousine
* Private musician
* Home massage
* Luxury Transport
* Personal Photographer
* Private security
…. allowing you to live your experience to the fullest.
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+6 hours
I am…
... someone who enjoys trying new flavors
... someone who is interested in feeling connected with people
... someone who seeks to awaken all his senses
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