Party “N” Roll

International Chef | Private Transportation | Driver | Luxury Yacht | Customizable Event Inside Home
This adventure will awaken the instincts of any traveler, from the most intrepid to the most conservative, intensifying each and every one of the senses, beginning with the tasting of an infinity of flavors that will fill your heart with joy, and then rolling through paradise, knowing your ideal world.
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If you wish, you can improve your experience, adding:
* Jet skis
* Limousine
* Private musician
* Luxury Transport
* Pre-Stocking (For your experiences activities)
* Personal Photographer
* Private security
…. allowing you to live your experience to the fullest.
+8 hours
I am…
…a person who likes to enjoy every moment
…someone who enjoy a good company
…a person that are interested in living the moment
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