Sea Speed

International Chef | Private Transportation | Driver | Speedboats | Snorkel | Luxury Restaurant Experience
This will be a journey that will test your skills and allow you to enjoy adrenaline in its perfect balance. This journey will be starting with the necessary nutrients that provide us with the energy to cope with our day to the fullest, and then transporting us to our destination with the comfort and security necessary to create a day full of adventure. And if that was not enough setting sail at high speeds and breaking the most intense currents that appear in our way, to then immerse ourselves and discover the wonders of nature, without forgetting take a breath, enjoying an evening full of emotions.
*All specific descriptions will be sent you once the quote is requested
If you wish, you can improve your experience, adding:
* Private event inside home
*  Home massage
* Private musician
* Limousine
* Luxury Transport
* Personal Photographer
* Private security
…. allowing you to live your experience to the fullest.
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+8 hours
I am…
... someone who is interested in living in the moment, regardless of whether it is at high speeds
... someone who lives every moment of his life to the fullest.
... the one who is a fan of writing the best feats
* All specific restrictions and policies will be sent you once the quote is requested