4 Elements (Individual)

International Chef | Spiritual Element Connection | Yoga | Energy Therapy | Pranayama | Meditation |   Therapeutic music | Formal Dinner
This is an experience that will consist of one day that will lead you to connect with your being through different tools generating an experience of deep connection, freeing your body, connecting with yourself, creating a real and lived connection with our vital essence, flowing naturally in us, contributing to our health, well-being and joy.
*All specific descriptions will be sent you once the quote is requested
If you wish, you can improve your experience, adding:
* Private musician
* Picnic
* Personal Photographer
…. allowing you to live your experience to the fullest.
+8 hours
I am…
... someone who seeks find yourself
... someone who needs to disconnect from the world and search within
... the one who find beauty in tranquility
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